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We hope you enjoy this meditation. 
Please find a quiet place to sit and really relax into this meditation. 
It's advisable that you do this seated as opposed to lying down
and of course do not listen to this meditation while you are driving

or operating machinery.  .

(PS.  If you get any problems accessing or downloading this audio,

please don't panic - it's just technical hitch
and if you
email us here we'll sort it out for you ASAP)


download on to a laptop or computer then transfer to your mobile device. 
On most systems the audio file will go straight into your music or iTunes folder.
On some systems when the download page opens, you will see a black page with the speaker icon.  Click the three dots beside the
speaker icon and save as a file.
If you do this then no internet connection is required each time
you want to listen.

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