Ready to let go of your subconscious money blocks and

become Abundant AF?

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Still can’t put the law of attraction into action?

(Even though you’re doing all the work...!?)


If you’re here it’s because even though you’ve read the books and attended the courses on abundance, manifesting and the law of attraction, you:


🤦🏻‍♀️ Just can’t get past that income level you’re stuck at

🤦🏻‍♀️ Feel sick thinking about your bills or debts

🤦🏻‍♀️ Think “I can’t afford it” all too often

🤦🏻‍♀️ Feel like you never have enough money

🤦🏻‍♀️ Still have ups and downs with money… going from, “I’m a rockstar!” to “where’s my next client coming from?”


It sucks, right? And it’s frustrating because you’re good at what you do, you’re smart, and you get how the law of attraction works.


So what is it you’re missing? Read on to find out.



Just imagine confidently making the money you really want

That starts with clarity on what you want: the kind of life you want, the kind of business you want, and how much money you want to make. 


You’re probably reading that thinking, “I know what I want!”. But hoooold up.


There’s something holding you back. And it’s insidious, because you don’t even know it’s there.


Deep down inside you have hidden beliefs. What’s worse is those sneaky suckers are buried in your subconscious mind where you can’t even see them. 


So no matter how much you meditate, journal, set your intentions, do rituals or dance naked under a full moon, it won’t help.


It’s any wonder nothing has worked for you so far, right?


Picture this: using a proven technique to dig deep and find your subconscious money blocks. Then getting the perfect combo of practical tools and energetic support to get rid of them.




The thing most entrepreneurs are missing? 


It’s that real, lasting change starts with reprogramming your hidden, subconscious beliefs about money"



Introducing Abundance Bootcamp

The new way to activate the successful entrepreneur that’s hidden inside of you

This program is different to every other course out there. Why?


Because we don’t scratch the surface. We dig deep because that’s where real change happens.


In this groundbreaking 6-week program, you’ll discover, and finally ditch, those hidden subconscious money blocks (can I get a hell, yeah!?).


It’s the only abundance program where you’ll:

✔️ Discover what your hidden subconscious money blocks are (and guess what? they’re often not what you think they are…)

✔️ Realise (mind… blown!) how much and how often you’ve been unknowingly sabotaging yourself

✔️ Get the key to finally letting go of your subconscious money-blocking beliefs 

✔️ Step into a new, abundant AF version of yourself to finally achieve those income goals you’ve been setting


Abundance Bootcamp gives you the new, proven method to finally break through your hidden money blocks with the right tools, support and coaching. 


Hi I'm Karen

Abundance Mindset Master Coach for female entrepreneurs​

I’ve been a hypnotherapist, healer, psychic medium and spiritual teacher for almost 25 years. In that time I’ve worked with thousands of people from all over the world. 


And, I started to notice something… there are so many people into spirituality and personal development who are broke.


I wondered why… it all became crystal clear when I started working with people who had left cults (sounds full-on, right? Stay with me, there’s a point and it’s about your money blocks…). As you may know, it’s really hard for ex-cult members to reintegrate into a 'normal' life. 


I realised from working with these people, that no matter how hard they tried, the thing holding them back was the 'programming' in their subconscious. Through using hypnotherapy we discovered their subconscious blocks, then removed them with support, healing and coaching.


The result? These people were finally free to enjoy a fulfilling, happy life. Wow, right?


That’s when I made the link. What I had found was the missing piece as to why spiritual people can’t earn the money they want: their hidden subconscious beliefs. 


I created Abundance Bootcamp to help female entrepreneurs like you finally (!) let go of what’s been holding you back financially. 


So let me ask you: are you ready to become the magnificent being you came here to be (the one who effortlessly attracts money)?


Let’s do this!

Karen x

p.s. The people I work with always say they feel their energy shift just from chatting with me. And it's true, I have a magical way of moving energy. That means I get to move your energy on the live coaching calls, which gives you the support you need to make big shifts (boom!).

Abundance Bootcamp is the new magic key to (finally!) putting the law of attraction into action. 

The next intake starts soon. It’s time to finally let go of the s**t that’s holding you back. You ready?


PV. Sydney, Australia

Without a doubt the best investment I have ever made...

“I’ve just completed a course with Karen which has been transformational, without a doubt the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. Working with Karen has been an amazing experience where I’m finally able to see some clear direction and achieve goals. Over many, many years I’ve read so many books, meditated etc etc. and know what I need to do it but haven’t been able to get results. I feel like I’ve been wandering up and down a corridor, knowing what’s on the other side but unable to access it. Karen opened a door in that corridor and I was finally able to step through. I feel like I’m in the best place I’ve ever been... It’s apparent to me that I could not have done this on my own (otherwise I would have years ago!). I’m very grateful to Karen, her healing, her wisdom and her ability to direct me onto my clear, wonderful new path.”




Lisa, NSW, Australia


I understand that more is available to me now and I know how not to block it...

“What I enjoyed most is that this has all been brought together in one process that includes specific subjects with practices that I can work through step by step. I have a great set of tools here now to start making a difference in my life. I’ve lived with minimalism in many areas of my life and I had confused it with the amount of money I can use. I understand now that much more is available to me and I know how not to block it from coming to me!”



Sarah, Yorkshire, England


I’m able to release the blocks as they arise...

“Since completing the course I am much more aware of my poverty consciousness thoughts and anxiety about money. As I have this awareness now, I’m able to release the blocks as they arise.  Understanding what abundance really means to me has helped too. It’s not just about money.”


Monique, NSW, Australia

I wish I would’ve done a course like this when I was 21...

“I love what you’ve done with this course. It’s an absolutely great tool for anyone who really wants to change their lives. I wish I’d done a course like this when I was 21 years old. My life would’ve looked very different!

The most valuable thing I learned is how every limiting behaviour and blockage is based on past programming and beliefs. Literally, peeling the onion you’ll find out why you do the things you do and now I know how to fix it!”



Anne-Marie, England

Definitely a no-holds-barred, no bulls**t approach that I really appreciated...

“Karen is the real deal… she was able to show me exactly what I needed to know and what I needed to do to put things right. Definitely a no-holds-barred, no bulls**t approach that I really appreciated (otherwise what are you going to achieve!) which is why I wanted to work with Karen in the first place. Can’t recommend her highly enough!



Amy, Romania

I feel more aligned, free of many limiting beliefs...

“Since doing the course, I feel more aligned, free of many limiting beliefs and more conscious about how I was blocking money and wealth. I loved the weeks on wealth and quantum energy the most and was blown away by the power of the meditations and hypnosis sessions. All in all, I received much more than I expected from this course, thank you!”

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