A Proven Step-by-Step System to Clear your Energy Blocks, Shift your Mindset and Create the Life of Happiness


Abundance that you REALLY Want and that you REALLY Deserve!


What You Will Learn On This Course

Week One - The Mind

Week Two - Energy

Week Three - Abundance

Week Four - Wealth

Week Five - Health

Week Six - Quantum

This online course is a transformational abundance mindset training program

It is perfect for those who are interested in developing themselves to become the best, and most empowered version of themselves that they can possibly be. 

This is the right course for you if you have an interest in spirituality, energy, mind/body medicine, the Law of Attraction, self-empowerment, personal transformation through the power of the mind and consciousness; and if you wish to become a conscious co-creator in your own life through applying the laws of the Universe and quantum physics.

By the end of this programme you will know how to identify and release your own limiting beliefs, recognise and clear self sabotaging behaviours, value your worth so that you can earn your worth; and you'll be ready to create the abundant life that you've always dreamed of.

You'll also have a tried and tested repeatable system that you can use over and over again to dig deeper into your abundance blocks so you can clear them and allow even more wealth and abundance
into your life. 

It is comprised of an intensive six-week online course plus six live weekly group coaching sessions (for Advanced students only).

It includes 
lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook group for members of this course only.

A monthly group coaching and Q&A is also offered for ongoing support and to answer all your questions as you continue to work towards creating abundance at higher and higher levels.

It’s all online – so you can study and complete the processes in your own time (and time zone) - and there are videos, audios and pdfs to download and work through.

It is expected that you will choose to work through this course many times over as each time you do, you will go deeper and clear even more limitations to your abundance, thereby making even more available to you. 

Also included:
 Meditations for Success, Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions and Quantum Field Visioning Processes

Karen offers individual help to participants via the group coaching classes, assisting with further understanding and support for the meditation and energy processes included in the Course and answers all questions in the private FB group for course members.

Men are welcome too!
As the majority of Karen's clients are women, she primarily references women in her work.  It is expected that the majority of participants in this Abundance Bootcamp will be women however if you're a man and you're comfortable with that, then join us on this journey to Abundance because we'd love to have you with us!

I'm really happy that I got to experience the hypnosis aspect of this work.  Karen has the perfect voice for that. Seeing Karen visually I got a better sense of her and through sharing the experiences of her personal journey, I got to feel how truly genuine she is. I'm touched that she cares so much about other women, to help them with her own gifts  that she shares so freely.  One of the most valuable things I learned is how our beliefs can cause so much limitation in our lives and yet we are not stuck when we know how to use the power of our mind/heart connection to change our reality. 

Renee, FL, USA

I love what you have done with this Course.  It is an absolutely great tool for anyone who really wants to change their lives.  I wish I had done a course like this when I was 21 years old.  My life would have looked very different! The most valuable thing I learned is how every limiting behaviour and blockage is based on past programming and beliefs.  Literally, peeling the onion you will find why you do the things you do and now I know how to fix it!

Monique, NSW, Australia

What I enjoyed most, is that this has all been brought together in one process that including specific subjects with practices that I can work through step by step.  I have a great set of tools here now, to start making a difference in my life.  I have lived with minimalism in many areas of my life and I had confused it with the amount of money I can use. I understand that much more is available to me now and I know how not to block it from coming to me!

Lisa, NSW, Australia

Karen Turpin

Karen is a Rapid Transformational Mindset Coach, a Multidimensional Hypnotherapist and a Quantum Field Energy Healer. 


For over 25 years she has taught meditation and all aspects of psychic development, healing and mediumship.  She has been a Speaker at Spiritual Festivals and Events around Australia and has worked with thousands of people over a wide variety of different issues.  

She is passionate about helping people to create the happy and abundant life that they really want, by sharing their own unique gifts and talents with the world and becoming the best version of themselves that they can be through finding and developing their true soul purpose.

Pricing Plans

Choose to Pay in Full or Pay Monthly. You can cancel within 14 days.

Bootcamp Foundations

Crafted for Beginners


One Time Payment

$179 Monthly

6 Payments

 Bootcamp Advanced

Crafted for Serious Students


One Time Payment
includes Live Group Coaching 

$267 Monthly

6 Payments

 Bootcamp Quantum

Crafted for Conscious Creators


One Time Payment
includes Abundance Bootcamp Advanced

$521 Monthly

6 Payments



Once you get inside this course and begin working with me, if for any reason at all you feel that this is not the right place for you, then let me know and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Karen Turpin

Course Creator and Teacher
Transformational Mindset Coach

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